Sync SENZEY with Google Calendar


SENZEY lets you sync your SENZEY calendar to your Google Calendar.

In order to sync your calendar, login to your SENZEY account and go to your calendar. There you will find an icon that says "Sync with Gcal". Click it and move to the next page. At the bottom of that page you can grant SENZEY with access to your Google calendar you wish to synchronize with.
When clicking the "Gcal Sync Settings" you will be prompt a new Google window where you can choose the desired Google account to sync your calendar with SENZEY. Then you will be prompted to choose the required calendar within your Goggle account.
In the end you will receive a message that the sync was successful.
Once the sync is activated, initial sync will take up to 1 hour during the hours 07:00 - 22:00 local time GMT+2. After the initial sync, SENZEY will keep updating your Google calendar on the fly.
An active sync will sync any appointment and/or follow up to your Google calendar.


Please note!
1. You can disconnect your Google calendar sync at any given time by clicking the Cancel sync button.
2. When disconnecting (cancel the sync), SENZEY does not delete any of the records already synced.
3. SENZEY only syncs in one way and that is from SENZEY to Google Calendar and not the other way around. That means if you add/edit/remove records from within your Google calendar, they will not be transferred to SENZEY in any way.
4. Please read our PRIVACY POLICY.