Dear Google users,


On this page you can find how our software is coressponding with Google account if you wish to sync it and what happens with your data acording to the functionality you choose.


1. Connecting your SENZEY account with Google account.

SENZEY has an option to sync all your different contacts data into your Google Contacts.

While seting up the connection you can choose which type of contacts you wish to sync and whether you wish to enable deleting a contact from your Google contacts when you delete it from your SENZEY contact list.

The sync is one way only. From your SENZEY account to your Google account. When synced, only changes made on your SENZEY account will sync to your Goggle account. Any change you do in your Google account does not sync to your SENZEY account.


After first setup, the initial sync might take few hours to few days, depands on the number of contacts needed to be synced.

The data synced from your SENZEY account to your Google account contains: Name, Role, Phone 1 to 2, Mobile 1 to 2 and Email address.

While synced, and if you have chosen to update your clients for example, when adding a new client, the client's info as described above will be added to your Google account. Same when editing or deleting (Incase you chose to allow deletion)

At any given point you can choose to unsync your SENZEY account from your Google account.


2. Connecting your SENZEY account with Gmail account.

SENZEY has an option to sync received emails in your Gmail account to SENZEY Ticketing System. This option is available only to SENZEY accounts with Ticketing system moudule.

Once you choose to sync your SENZEY account with your Gmail account, every 15 minutes SENZEY account will check for new emails, and for every new email it will look to see if the sender email is found on your senzey account. If found it will copy the content of the email in to a the client Ticketing system and after that will move the email into an Archive folder created at setup. If not found sender, then will move the email to "Not Found" folder created at setup.

At any given point you can choose to unsync your SENZEY account from your Gmail account.


Our Company do not share any of your data or any information and do not access it.


SENZEY's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.