Sync SENZEY with Gmail


SENZEY lets you automate your Ticketing system emails from your Gmail to SENZEY Issue Tracking Module.

After SENZEY is synced with your Gmail account, every 15 minutes, SENZEY checks your Gmail account for new emails in your Inbox.

If there are new emails, then it checks if the FROM ADDRESS is also found in SENZEY. Then:

1. If it had found that email in SENZEY Contacts and also the Ticket tracking ID in the subject of the email then it would copy the email content as a response in the clients ticket.  After that it would move the email to a SENZEY > Archive folder within the Gmail account.

2. If the email was not found in SENZEY contacts or there is no ticket id in the subject, the email would be transfered to SENZEY>Not Found folder within the Gmail account.


In order to do so you need to enter the settings page > Tools & Extras > Issues Settings.

At the bottom of the page you can grant SENZEY with access to your Gmail account you wish to syncronize those Ticketing  emails. You can only use a Gmail account. (We reccomend to open a new Gmail account for that purpose and not use an account that receives not Ticketing system relevant emails)


When clicking the "Grant google access" you will be promt a new google window where you can choose the desired google account to sync your Ticketing system emails with SENZEY Ticketing system module and you have to allow access.

At the end you will receive a message that the sync was successful.

After the sync is activated, 2 folders will be automatically opened in your Gmail account named: Archive and Not Found.


Please note!

1. You can disconnect your Google account sync at any givven time by clicking the Cancel sync button.

2. SENZEY does not delete any of the emails.

3. SENZEY only reads the From Address, the subject and the contant and when done it moves it to different folder in order to be effective and keep checking new emails every cycle in your Gmail Inbox only.

4. If you cancel the sync, the emails and the folders will stay as there were before. As mentioned before, SENZEY does not delete any of the emails or folders.

5. Ensuring your privacy is important to us. All the information entered in SENZEY software is solely yours and we do not touch it in any way unless asked by you for support purposes.