Sync SENZEY with Google Contacts


SENZEY lets you syncronize your SENZEY contacts to Google Contacts. The sync is only one way - from SENZEY contacts to Google Contacts.

The sync will insert the following contact fields from SENZEY contacts to Google contacts: Name, Phone1, Phone2, Mobile1, Mobile2, Email1, Email2, Address.


In order to do so you need to enter the settings page > contacts > Google Sync Settings.

Choose the following:

1. what type of contacts you wish to sync from your SENZEY account  to your Google account.

2. Select if you wish to delete the contact from your Google contacts when deleting it from your SENZEY account.

3. Select if you wish to delete the contact from your Google contacts when changing it to Not Active status in your SENZEY account.


Then you have to grant SENZEY access to your Google account.

When clicking the "Grant google access" you will be promt a new google window where you can choose the desired google account to sync your SENZEY contacts to and you have to allow access.

At the end you will receive a message that the sync was successful.


Please note!

1. You can disconnect your SENZEY contacts from your Google account at any givven time by clicking the Cancel sync button.

2. The sync is only ONE WAY from your SENZEY account to your Google contacts.

3. If you disconnect the Sync, your SENZEY contacts that were synced to Google Contacts will stay in your Google Contacts and will not be deleted or changed in any way.

4. Ensuring your privacy is important to us. All the information entered in SENZEY software is solely yours and we do not touch it in any way unless asked by you for support purposes.


The initial sync might take up to few hours or days, depands on the amount of contacts you have in your SENZEY account.

After the initial sync, every change you make to your contacts regarding their name or phone numbers will imidiately be synced to your Google Contacts.