1. Why is my information needed?
SENZEY software is a web based; because of this they may require the use of first and last names, business number and billing contact information. Therefore, at a minimum, we may require such necessary information in order to establish your account with us.

2. What information does SENZEY gather/track and how is it used?
PERSONAL INFORMATION: We collect personal information from users including (at minimum) first and last names, email and phone number. When a user registers online for a trial version of our products, SENZEY will take steps to verify the email address supplied to us to ensure it is accurate. Your email address may be used to send you periodic product newsletters, offers and usage tips from SENZEY. You can opt out of promotional emails at any time, but will still receive communications such as receipts, confirmation emails and customer service updates that are considered necessary to provide the service to you. We use the information collected to deliver services, update our records, communicate with you about products and services, and generally maintain your accounts with us. We will retain your information for as long as your account is active, as needed to provide you services, to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you services contact us at support[at]senzey.com. We do not share, sell, trade, or rent your personal information to third parties except as described in this privacy policy. Information gathered at SENZEY is done so on a voluntary basis.
BUSINESS INFORMATION: Information that is collected by our products is considered confidential. We will not view Business Information except as necessary to appropriately support the service or as required by law. (Business Information includes app data, documents, files, configuration settings and any other business information stored on SENZEY products). We will not view Business Information, except as necessary to appropriately support the service, for the purpose of anticipating, diagnosing, supporting or resolving any problems that might limit or disrupt the quality of our customers’ service experience or as required by law.
SESSION RECORDS: To keep you logged in if you chose to be kept logged in until you choose to disconnect the system and remember your last page visited. The gathered information is used only to ensure the highest quality experience possible when using SENZEY products.
SECURITY INFORMATION: SENZEY also checks standard information about your computer when you open a ticket with our support team. This information may include: browser type and version, access time and the software cookies. This information is used for the operation of the service, to identify and resolve any reported issue or ticket opened by you.
WEB ANALYTICS: We continuously improve our websites and utilize different web analytic tools to help us do so. We are interested in how visitors use our websites, what they like and dislike, and where they have problems. We also use web analytic tools on our mobile applications to help gather non-personally identifiable data about download and application usage. The web beacons used in connection with our web analytics services do not share any personally identifiable information about our website and application visitors with third parties. Our tools may gather data such as what browser a person uses, what operating systems are used, what is downloaded, and what content, products and services are reviewed when visiting or registering for services at one of our websites or mobile applications. This information is used solely to assist SENZEY in maintaining a more effective and useful website for our customers. Such information will not be passed to third parties.

3. With whom does SENZEY share the information in my account?
Ensuring your privacy is important to us. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties.
However, SENZEY lets you share your SENZEY contacts with Google contacts. Doing so will require having a google account and giving SENZEY permissions to connect to your Google account. The date is only transferred from SENZEY to Google and not the  other way around. You can cancel this connection at any point in any given time. While the sync is active, contacts you add to SENZEY, edit in SENZEY or delete (optional) in SENZEY will be reflected in your Google Contacts account.
SENZEY will keep this connection live until you deliberately remove/cancel it.

SENZEY also lets you connect your Gmail account so it can be used for ticketing system. Doing so, will give senzey access to monitor for incoming emails, check if the sender is in SENZEY database then open a new ticket or detect a reply for an existing ticket and add the response to that ticket. After that SENZEY will move that email to an Archive folder (The email will not be deleted or changed in any way)
SENZEY will keep this connection live until you deliberately remove/cancel it.
4. How does SENZEY protect my information from loss, misuse or alteration in my account?
SENZEY has implemented commercially reasonable precautions designed to protect the web sites and applications it hosts and the information it collects from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Nevertheless, we remind you that no security measure is perfect and therefor SENZEY will not be responsible in any way for any data loss. SENZEY can also transfer calendar information and/or contacts information if you choose to sync them to google services. SENZEY is not liable for loss of passwords due to user carelessness. If you have chosen to connect SENZEY with google services and you believe your Google Account has been compromised, we recommend that you immediately change your password or activate Google’s 2 step authentication.

5. How long does SENZEY retain data?
SENZEY currently retains all user and business data until you cancel your account.
Please note that you need to let us know at least 30 days in advanced before canceling your account and no less than 90 days
from the beginning of the service.
After you requested to disconnect from our service, you will receive an email with instructions how to backupqdownload your data to your computer and a final date when all you data will be removed from our servers.

6. Who can I ask if I have additional questions?
SENZEY is a software developed by JDESIGN LTD based in Israel. SENZEY is committed to respecting your privacy. This Online Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices for JDESIGN products and their website (senzey.com).